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Best Cedar Products - Since 1973

Over 50,000,000 board beet and counting!

Family driven. Lifelong customers. Try us once, we will do the rest. 

Terry Mercier Sr - Owner

Terry "Mills" Mercier Sr began his career in 1973 as he founded Mercier Mills.  When many local mills were forced to shutdown, Terry endured and became one of the area's top sawyers.  Over a million board feet of lumber was produced annually.  The company also produced various wood products like doghouses, playhouses, picnic tables and bird feeders.  At the peak in the 1980's over 25,000 doghouses were sold to Menards in a calendar year.  

Through ups and downs the company reinvented itself in 2005 as Best Cedar Products.  Terry continues to be the lead sawyer for the Hyde mill (outside Escanaba).  Those who know "Mills" will tell you there is no harder working man alive...24-7-365.  That dedication is delivered to each of the Best Cedar Products customers.  


Fun Fact:  Terry is the proud father of 4 sons, 3 of whom were the first in the Mercier family to join the Military (Jason USMC, Jeff US Army, Terry Jr US Army RETIRED).  

Fun Fact:  All 4 of Terry's sons were the first Mercier's to graduate from college!


Fun Fact:  Terry's youngest son Adam was the coach of the 3-time State Basketball Champion North Central Jets (2015-17) and holds the State record for the longest winning streak in Michigan history.

Our Team

Jason Mercier - Operations Manager

USMC 1992-1998

CISCO 1998-2018

Jason recently moved back to the U.P. following a successful career at CISCO.  Working as a Global Operations Manager within CISCO's supply chain, Jason managed production facilities in the US and UK.  With over 300 professional certifications in areas such as Management, ISO, and Manufacturing, Jason's education and background will help push Best Cedar Products into a new era.


Jeff Mercier - 'CEO' (so he says!)

Tom Urmanski - Foreman/Sawyer

Eric Gollyhorn - Pallet Lead

Ron Bates - Maintenance

Bonnie Bates - Administration

Marvin Mercier Sr - Forestry Services